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:: L U C K  B E  A  L A D Y ::
#4.6 Recap Blog by Riese



This is when Max realizes that he doesn't want White Heterosexual Male Privilege after all, because it's gross and because golf is

Max: "I know for a fact that Mitch doesn't support women and that he routinely discriminates against female employees."
Boss-Man: "Well, how do you know that? What evidence are you bringing to substantiate Megan's accusation?"
Max: "Because he did it to me."

Joan Rivers Would Totally Dig This.
The ladies arrive at the "Roll the Dice" Premiere Party, and they shuffle Shane away from her hot friends. Hav didn't like Helena's outfit. I didn't see anything wrong with it. Stacey tries to bust through the crowd to interview Shane, and Shane is like "Hey, aren't you the vagina wig?" See, Jenny? You win. No need to stoop lower (but she will).

Me: Look Heather, that'll be me and you following Hav on the red carpet. I'll be all like "the road best straddled dot com!"

(Heather laughs, Haviland goes "!")

Lesbian Sexy Moment #13: For Sounder!
The Players: Jenny and Lindsay.
The Pick-Up: "The reason why I feel guilty is that I really wanna kiss you." (that was Lindsay). "So kiss me." (guess who?)
Hot or Not: first. Hot, then Crazy. Like Jenny herself.

Lindsay has nice abs.

Jenny decides to confess. But then Stacey starts knock-knock-knockin' on the door before she can get started. This is sad.

Lynn: Jenny! Hide! HIDE!

Lindsay, Stacey and Jenny. What is this, Kappa Kappa Gamma?

Stacey: Hello, Schecter.
Jenny: Hello, Merkin.
Lindsay: [eagerly, breaking your heart slowly with every word] Stacey, this is my friend I was telling you about, this is Debbie Oxnard.
Stacey: No, this is Jennifer Fucking Schecter, the lunatic who's book I reviewed.

Lindsay: [sad, heartbreaking face] What?
Jenny: That's actually what I was about to explain.
Stacey: What could you possibly say to explain this?

Oh, Stacey. If only you knew how many times Jenny has been asked that question. What could she possibly say to explain this? She could say:

-"Whenever I look at you, I feel completely dismantled." (to Marina, Ep. 103)
-"Tim, you have to understand that this was a big mistake. It was like... watching yourself, and seeing yourself do something terrible, and not being able to stop it." (to Tim, Ep. 105)
-"Please, this doesn't have to... if you can just forgive me, Tim, please, it doesn't have to end. We can just keep on going as we'd planned and nothing has to change, right? Tim, please, please, don't leave me. 'Cause if you leave me, I think that I'll die. Tim, please look at me." (to Tim, Ep. 105)
-"Am I just a coward...a liar...and a cheater?" (to Marina, Ep. 107)
-"No more twat for me. Twat gets me into trouble." (to Anette, Ep. 108)
-"It's over. Between Marina and me. I went over to her and her girlfriend's house last night. I have never met anybody like that in my life before. It's all about their own egos, and they don't care who they hurt, and they just draw you into this web for some kind of... a sport. I'm not gonna see her ever again. I threw a bottle of wine at their house." (to Tim, Ep. 109)
-"I'm sorry this had to happen in front of you, but if you really care about him, you're gonna back off." (to Tish, Ep.110)
-"I mean I'm - I'm so - I'm terrified of being on my own. I just gotta make myself do it, Robin, and I can't - I can't distract myself by creating all this fucking labyrinth-like drama that I'm so good at creating and I promise you... that you do not want to get sucked into my fucking bullshit." (to Robin, ep 202) get it.

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