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:: L U C K  B E  A  L A D Y ::
#4.6 Recap Blog by Riese



Lesbian Squabble #14: We Know It's Crazy, Too, Jenny.
In the Ring: Lindsi! Jenni! Staci! GOOOOOOO Tigers!

Jenny Moment: I don't know. This is gonna sound so [makes "totally fucking crazy' gesture] thought that if I could prove that you weren't a saint, and I thought that if I could make you sleep with me then it would prove that all those really horrible mean things that Stacey said about me and my experiences and the way I turned out wouldn't be true---
Vagina-Wig: What the fuck are you talking about?
Jenny: I thought that if I could make you into a liar and a cheat, like me, but you know, the thing is, you're not. I mean, you're right about that, Stacey. [this would be a good moment for her to cry and confess how much she is in love with Lindsay and then for them to have a threesome] You're a saint. I'm so sorry.
Lindsay: You're not a student?
Jenny: No.
Lindsay: [flabbergasted utter disbelief at the total ridiculousness of Jennifer Schecter] Fucking manatees?!
Jenny: The manatees are a little bit true because I did write a story about---
Lindsay: Sounder?
Jenny: That's not my dog I adopted him from a rescue--
Stacey: Did you sleep with her?
Jenny: No.
Lindsay: No. I've gotta get out of here.
[starts packing semi-aggressively] How could you do that? How could anyone do something like that?
Jenny: I know, it's crazy.

Lesbian Squabble #15: Bette, Quit it. Of course you and Tina are both the mother, but you can still acknowledge that Tina carried the foetus. You're Being Silly.
In the Ring: Bette V. Jodi
Content/Result: Jodi, who is almost always accompanied by: 1. her attitude, 2. her interpreter, Tom, doesn't like kids because they get in the way of her work and sex. What Jodi doesn't know is that Angelica doesn't get in the way, because she only exists when needed as a plot device. Also she has two nannies, and one of them is a sex robot.

Haviland: Isn't that something you would like, mention a little earlier in the game?
Me: Eh, I'd probably wait til I'd slept with her. To at least get something out of it.


Back at the Party...

Shane: You know what, I need a new haircut, and I need to stop wearing ties.


Tasha Likes Girly Girls, Not Circles.
Papi is not Tasha's type, and they had no sexual chemistry. This is cute (back-story! What a concept!). Tasha likes "girls who look like girls." This is kinda funny, re: Papi. I mean, let's take Papi to the Womyns Music Festival and then decide who looks like a girl and who doesn't.

Alice: So you like girly girls, huh?
Tasha: Yeah.
Alice: You like my dress?
Tasha: You fuckin' with me?
Alice: It's pretty, right? Pink, feminine.
Tasha: Yeah, it's cute.
Alice: Yeah, I thought you liked it.

The Most Annoying People EVER
This duo has emerged from a cave of Retarded to ask Helena if Shane likes boys or girls. Really, Papi? She's wearing a tie. If you are wearing a tie and you are not Avril Lavigne or 14 and Emo--whatever.

Rothberg: I have a house near Midhurst. It's big, it's old, it's frozen in the winter. And I hate it.

Wow. And I hate you! What a hassle. Big old houses! Unlike my tiny closet of a room!

Shane Goes To Get Shay, But Check Out Paige's Um--

Paige: I made my grandmother's meatloaf.
Shane: Sounds good. I don't think I've actually eaten anything tonight.
Would you like some meatloaf?

Shane, I love you. Me, Riese. I love You and I Will Make You Meatloaf. Seriously, I Know How. I Don't Need my Meat. I Just Need YOUUUUUU.
I love this too, that like "Yes, I need you to do something for me," look that Shane always gives when she wants something like food. She hasn't given this look all season. I don't think Shane can cook, actually. Meatloaf is not exactly an aphrodisiac, but it'll do. I bet Shay liked it. Though about that bad dream....

Jamie: Yeah give her some meatloaf!
Sara: Yeah give her a burger and some meatloaf.


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