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:: L U C K  B E  A  L A D Y ::
#4.6 Recap Blog by Riese



Alice and Tasha are walking back to her house, which must be totally wrecked after the poker and the girl-fight. Maybe Spashley are in there banging shit up. Tasha wants to take things slow. Alice says that's okay, she's already slept with Phyllis and Papi and doesn't want her circle turning into a constellation right now. I mean, she doesn't say that exactly, but she says something similar.

Phyllis: Really? REALLY?!!!
What's almost worst than Dyke Drama is when you get rejected based on Dyke Drama that isn't even your fault. Tasha "doesn't do drama."

You Know what though...if the baby is with the sitter...or sleeping....then really...what difference does it make? I won't hear it crying, after all....
Bette is bangin' when she answers the door for Jodi, who wants to 'try again.' Personally, I'd be at my laptop writing Haviland a five-page essay that opened with: "Is it bad that sometimes I wish I DIDN'T have a baby so that I could be fucking this hot artist chick right now, even though I know she's really bad for me?"

The House Always Wins.
High-stakes poker! Yay! Helena accidentally lays 50K on the line. Meanwhile, Papi is seducing the hoe-bot who had her eye on Shane earlier. The music is playing. Helena is clearly about to lose a lot of money.

Lesbian Sexy Moment #14: Luckily, one of Papi's Buttons Was Already Un-Done for Easy Access!
The Players: Papi and that girl
The Pick-Up: Um, this?:

Hot or Not?: Yeah! Sure! Fun!

Heather: She's gonna make her an offer she can't refuse.

Helena lost the poker game and she can't pay off her debts. Luckily there is more than one way to pay off a debt. I hope they aren't going to make her sell crack.

The Round-Up:
Lesbian Sex Moments: ONE this episode, 3 total
Lesbian Sexy Moments: TWO this episode, FOURTEEN total
Lesbian Squabbles: FOUR this episode, FIFTEEN total
Quote of the Week: YOU WILL DECIDE!

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