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:: L E A S T  L I K E L Y ::

Quotes By

Bette: Have fun with the martyrs.
Tina: Have fun with the cheaters.

Niki: You are out of my 5!

Tasha: What?! I need the carbs for training.
Alice: Well, do you need them that fast?

Alice: Fuck, ya know? Bad vibes!
Alice [to Jenny]:
You and Shane should work your shit out 'cause this place is becoming like the black hole of Calcutta.

Get on board, Tina. The train is not going to lezzie town.

Phyllis [to a naked Joyce]: Cover your junk!

Dan Foxworthy: You two have so little in common that I don't really think you belong together.

Alice: Oh yeah, the pros are so winning now.

Alice: What the fuck?! Dylan in a lesbo sandwich!

Tasha: That girl used to be straight?!
Alice: Well, she wasn't gay back when she was fucking Helena.

Alice: Looks like someone's carpet's about to get munched.

Alice: I'm just sayin' -- in all the gin joints in all the world...

Dylan: I never stopped thinking about you -- ever -- and wishing I met you at a different time in my life.

Tasha [to Helena]: Want me to kick her ass?
I'd have to beat a bitch down, she tried to do that to me.

Jenny: Shane, you know that it was you, right? When I said, "You broke my heart." I was talking about you.

Jenny [to Shane]: I also realized that I'm in love with you.


Product Placements in this episode

T-Mobile: Niki tells one of her "entourage" that she's out of her 5 - referring to T-Mobile's Fave Five contacts.


Trivia, interesting tidbits, and noticeable film flubs:

We learn Phyllis' full name is Phyllis Victoria Eleanor Kroll.

Joyce name drop's Gavin Newsom, mayor of San Francisco.


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