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:: M A R C H  2 0 0 8 ::

March 25 2008

+ Added the recap of episode 512. Check out Riese's blog of the season finale here.
+ Added the screencaps for ep 512. A huge thank you goes out to Allybally who has been doing our screencaps!
+ Great news for those in the UK. Season 4 will be released on DVD June 9! You can pre-order here (Thanks Farkhandah!)
+ Added some more pictures from the Uh Huh Her performance at SXSW (Thanks Cait!)
+ Malaya (Adele) has been spotted in LA having dinner. Read about it here.

Comments for Riese |
Posted by Slicey & Oz |

March 24 2008

+ Updated info about the Wolfe party in Tampa, FL featuring some of The L Word stars: Showtime will also be taping during the event for S5 DVD extras footage.
Added the music list from episode 512. [There's some great tunes this week - I would buy Rue Melo just for how hot she looks on the album cover! I've also had several male viewers requesting Walk On By this week!]
+ Don't forget to check out the entries in the Uh Huh Her video competition!
+ Added KC & Elka's podcast of ep 511.
+ Added the promo of ep 512.

Posted by Slicey & Oz |  

March 23 2008

+ Hope you all enjoyed the Season 5 finale. Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.
+ Added some pictures of the Uh Huh Her performance at SXSW (Thanks Susan!). If anyone has more, please email us.

Posted by Oz |  

March 21 2008

+ If you're in Chicago tonight don't miss the very special pre-screening event of The L Word Season 5 finale!
+ Added the screencaps for ep 511.
+ Added a small report from the UK L4 convention. If anyone has any other reports or photos please email us.
+ Added KC & Elka's podcast of ep 510.

Posted by Slicey & Oz |  

March 20 2008

+ Added a ton of new U.S. tour dates for Uh Huh Her on the Events page.
Added Riese's episode 511 L Word recap.
+ Our resident recapper Riese has posted her video entry for the Uh Huh Her contest. Check it out and GO VOTE!
Added Marlee Matlin's debut on Dancing With the Stars to the Videos page. She looked great and she mentioned The L Word!

Comments for Riese |
Posted by Slicey |  

March 19 2008

+ Season 4 DVD is set for release in Australia 25th June. Pre-order here (Thanks Baka!)
We've been told that Season 2 will start airing in Germany April 1 on PRO7 (Thanks Clauida!)

Posted by Oz |

March 18 2008

+ Don't miss Marlee Matlin tonight on ABC's Dancing With the Stars at 8/9pm CT.

Posted by Slicey |  

March 17 2008

+ Added episode quotes for 511.
+ Added music list for episode 511. The end song "Choices" is really great.

Posted by Slicey |  

March 16 2008

+ Added some photos of an Uh Huh Her gig in Dublin, Ireland. (Thanks Eimhear!) Happy St Pats Day everyone!

Posted by Oz |  

March 15 2008

+ Erin Daniels graces this months cover of DIVA magazine. Click here to check it out or click here to buy a copy.
+ If anyone is currently at the L Word convention in the UK, please send your reports, photos, droolings etc to us!
+ Added some star spottings.
+ Love & Pride Jewelry are currently having a 60% off their L Word collection sale. So if you've had your eye on something, now is the time to get it.

Posted by Oz |  

March 14 2008

+ Calling all Uh Huh Her fans. Can't wait until the launch of the first full length album, Common Reaction, on May 20th? We have the honour of debuting the brand new cover art, thanks to our friends at Nettwerk Music. Check it out now and tell us what you think. Hmm I strongly suspect its been made by the peeps at Free city?

Posted by Oz |  

March 13 2008

+ Catch a live video interview with Leisha Hailey tomorrow March 14th at 1:30-1:45 PM CST as her band Uh Huh Her participates at SXSW Music Festival in Austin. If you're at SXSW, don't miss their next performance on March 15.

Posted by Slicey |  

March 12 2008

+ Added the screencaps from ep 510.
+ Added Riese's recap of episode 510.
+ Rachel Shelley will be the special guest at Wolfe Video's Annual Party For Women. The event takes place April 7 in Tampa, FL. The talented Dreya Weber, from Wolfe's hit release The Gymnast, will also appear. Find details on the Events page.
+ Added new L Word article.

Comments for Riese |
Posted by Oz & Slicey |

March 11 2008

+ Our mates over at Nettwerk Music are currently running an awesome Uh Huh Her (Leisha Hailey's band) competition in conjunction with the South By Southwest (SXSW) music festival. If you're an aspiring documentary filmmaker, this competition is for you, check it out now. And make sure to check back here on Friday for an L Word Online exclusive.
Added still images from the final ep 512.
+ Added a new Marlee Matlin article.

Posted by Oz |  

March 10 2008

+ The news we've all been waiting for is here. The good news is that The L Word has been renewed for a 6th season! The bad news is that it will be a short season of only 8 episodes. Also, it will be the final season of The L Word. It's time to say goodbye. Read the official press release in the literary section.
+ Added music from episode 510. The music was so noticeably good in this episode that it makes me wonder if Angela Robinson had some input on the music used in her episode.
+ Added quotes from episode 510.

Posted by Slicey |  

March 9 2008

+ Great news for all AUSTRALIANS, Movie Extra (Foxtel) has announced that they have bought the rights to screen season 3, 4 & 5 - never before shown on Australian television. Season 3 begins on Sunday March 30 at 9:30pm, which is available through FOXTEL, OPTUS, AUSTAR and SelecTV. And don't fret if you miss an episode because they are rescreening each episode on Wednesdays at 8:30pm & Fridays at 11:30pm. Check out one of their new hot promos here.
+ If you dont have Foxtel & are interested in signing up, email me as I can get you an extra bonus.

Posted by Oz |  

March 8 2008

+ Added preview for Ep 510.
Put up the screencaps for ep 509.
Added KC & Elka's podcasts of eps 508 & 509.

Posted by Oz |  

March 4 2008

+ Since we heard them on The L Word in episode 5.04 their music has been burning up my iPod and now you can have it too. As a special thank you to The L Word fans, the electronica duo Fans of Jimmy Century has provided us with a free download of their track "Delicate Fever." Check out the featured bands page for more info on FoJC and check out the music page to view the clip of the scene their music was heard in.

Posted by Slicey |  

March 3 2008

+ Added recap of episode 509.
+ Remember the smoking hot scene in episode 5.04 of The L Word when Shane gets busy with Dawn and her lover Cindi? The soundtrack to that sexy scene was provided by Fans of Jimmy Century's track Hot Sahara.  If you're in L.A. you can see them this weekend. Check out our events page for more info.

Comments for Riese |
Posted by Slicey|

March 2 2008

+ Added the music from ep 509.

Posted by Slicey |  


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