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:: M A Y  2 0 0 8 ::

May 30 2008

+ We recently sent Riese (our awesome resident recapper) and her girl Alex along to cover Logo's NewNowNext Awards Red Carpet in New York. Check out the awesome video report from the event. Part 1. Part 2. And if you haven't already please join our new YouTube group so you can get instant updates.

Posted by Oz |  

May 27 2008

+ Regarding Laurel (Tina) Holloman's adoption, her manager has informed us that; "Laurel adopted a baby after the country she was adopting from internationally suspended in May 2007 (Nepal). It was a domestic U.S. adoption through an agency."
+ A new Afterellen vlog series, This just out with Liz Feldman, has 2 hilarious interviews up with Kate Moennig & Erin Daniels.
+ Speaking of vlogs, check out Uh Huh Her's latest webisode. I've added a link to their page from the Alice character page.
+ Leisha was spotted hanging out in Toronto.

Posted by Oz |  

May 26 2008

+ A very Happy Birthday goes out to Pam Grier (Kit).

Posted by Oz |  

May 23 2008

+ We would like to wish Laurel Holloman (Tina) a very Happy Birthday. Our warmest wishes go out to you & your family on this day. To give to her supported charity, Laurel Holloman Online has set up a donations page for her selected charity, Doctors without Borders.
+ We recently sent our resident recapper, Riese & her crew to cover the new Logo NewNowNext Awards red carpet arrivals. She is currently working away at making us a masterpiece video of her adventures but until then she's made us a teaser of what we can hope to expect. Check it out & let us know what you think.

Posted by Oz |  

May 19 2008

+ A guest update for the next L Word convention happening in the UK in November. Along with Jennifer Beals, they have now announced Laurel Holloman and Anne Ramsay. More info on L5 here.
+ Great news for all you Lauren Lee Smith (Lara) fans. She will be joining the lead cast of CSI next season.
+ Added a couple of star spottings.
+ Some news as to why Laurel Holloman never made it to the last UK convention. Seems she has adopted a baby girl. Its unclear as to whether a surrogate mother was used to give birth to "her" baby or if she just adopted someone's else's baby.
+ Have started up an L Word Online group and channel over on YouTube. Come join and help spread the word. It will be a place to not only share L Word related videos with each other but we'll also be bringing you new & exclusive L Word Online vlogs.

Posted by Oz |  

May 11 2008

+ Happy Mother's Day to all the mother's out there :)
+ Added a bunch of magazine scans including this really old Jennifer Beals one and this new one of Mia on the cover of the May issue of Diva.
+ Those who live near London should go out tonight to check out the Rolemodel 2008 Final. Guinevere Turner is one of the judges.
+ The people over at PaleyFest have an awesome panel coming up in New York about the power of fan websites. More info here.

Posted by Oz |  

May 05 2008

+ Happy Cinco de Mayo!
+ The first-ever NewNowNext Awards will air on Saturday, June 7, 2008 at 9:00 PM ET/PT on Logo and The awards will draw attention to what is new and next in the best of LGBT pop culture across a wide array of mediums including the internet, film, television and music. The event will put a first-ever spotlight on openly gay artists as well as all performers beloved by the LGBT community. Check out the full Press Release to see all the nominees, including several who have ties to The L Word!
+ Our congratulations go out to all the nominees, but especially our friends of The L Word: Rose Rollins, Jamie Babbitt, The Cliks, God-des & She, Julie Goldman, Margaret Cho, and 3Way.
+ Last weekend Daniela Sea was honored at the 2008 Leadership Awards hosted by the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel in Washington D.C. Daniela was honored for her role as Max Sweeney and for bringing to light the issues of someone going through gender transition. Congratulations Daniela!

Posted by Slicey |  

May 04 2008

+ If you live in the Boston area or are planning to go to Boston to see Uh Huh Her perform, then we're giving you a chance to win 2 tickets to the show on May 17th. (Thanks to Nettwerk!)
+ And for those in or around Connecticut (esp areas like New Haven & Danbury) keep your eyes open for Kate Moennig who is rumoured to be shooting with Robert De Niro for the new film "Everybody's Fine".
+  For those of you still waiting for Season 3 in Switzerland, good news; it begins airing June 1 on TSR 1. Even better news for those who live in Bosnia & Herzegovina; Season 1 recently began airing, so you can finally begin your long, lovely L journey YAY! And last but not least Season 5 has just started airing in South Africa (Thanks Amélie, Maya & Fiona!)
+ New Uh Huh Her show added in Hollywood.

Posted by Oz |  

May 03 2008

+ Katherine Moennig will star as "Mary Landis" in episode 6.19 of CSI: Miami titled "Rock and a Hard Place" May 5 on CBS.

Posted by Slicey |  

May 02 2008

+ Exciting news! Leisha Hailey is the new face of Olivia. Leisha has signed a multi-faceted contract to be featured as the new face of Olivia in print advertisements, commercials & online media to begin this year. Olivia will also feature Hailey in some of its vacation and entertainment packages. Read more about it here.

Posted by Oz |  

May 01 2008

+ Mia Kirshner is on the cover of the May Issue of DIVA magazine. The article will be uploaded soon or Buy a copy.
+ Rose Rollins is on the cover of Curve magazine. The article will be uploaded soon or Subscribe to Curve.
+ Uh Huh Her performed in Chicago on Tuesday night. Leisha and Camila stayed after to sign autographs. Check the Events page to see if there is a tour stop near you. If you take any photos of Uh Huh Her and want to share them with us, please email us.
+ Life after The L Word? Read the article.

Posted by Slicey |  


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