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Oct 28 2008

+ The L Word: Complete Fifth Season DVD is released today. You can pick up a copy at Wolfe Video, Amazon,, or enter to win a copy from us in the Luck section.
+ Updated the star spottings with some cool new on-location photos from Lou. *Thanks Lou!

Posted by Slicey |  

Oct 27 2008

+ Elizabeth Keener (Dawn Denbo) will be in Chicago along with other stars of the lesbian web series 3Way for the Reeling Lesbian and Gay Film Festival. After the screening, stars will mingle with fans at an afterparty in the city.
+ Speaking of Ms. Keener, a prepared fan got her photo taken with both TLW Elizabeths - Keener and Berkley - when she spotted them out and about in L.A. Check out the most recent Star Spottings.
+ Added a new section to our Shop tab - Babeland sex toys for a passionate world. The L Word Online will be showcasing special product reviews, toy giveaways, discounts and more.

Posted by Slicey |  

Oct 24 2008

+ Added some new items for you to check out including some new lesbian films, cool French lesbian erotica, Mia's new book, a new release by Lucinda Williams, and a necklace benefiting the Matthew Shepard Foundation.
+ Added a London-based Star Spotting. I hope all you L Word convention fans are keeping your eyes peeled early!
+ Speaking of keeping your eyes peeled, Philly fans keeps a lookout for stars in your area on October 30 as L Word ladies attend an event in the city of brotherly sisterly love.

Posted by Slicey |  

Oct 22 2008

+ Mia Kirshner will be signing copies of her book I Live Here at various locations across the country. Check the Events page for info.
The L6 Convention has been announced for next year. Even though The L Word is ending next spring, Starfury's L Word events are going strong. This three day celebration of the series will feature stars from the show, guest talks, autograph sessions, photo opportunities and parties. It will be an amazing opportunity to meet and socialize with other fans. More info on the Events page.
+ Also, a reminder that L5 is taking place in Blackpool, England November 14-16 with Jennifer, Laurel, Rachel, Janina, and Anne.
+ Don't forget about the Queer As Folk/The L Word Convention in France at the end of this month - there are still some day passes left. Erin Daniels and Laurel Holloman will be in attendance.

Posted by Slicey |  

Oct 20 2008

+ Today, eight influential lesbian bloggers - including our resident L Word episode blogger, Riese - launched 8 Against 8, an eight-day collaborative online fundraising drive to defeat Proposition 8, a ballot initiative that seeks to eliminate the right of same-sex couples to marry in the State of California. Please show your support by visiting and helping to defeat Prop 8.

Posted by Slicey |  

Oct 15 2008

+ Mia Kirshner's much anticipated book about the humanitarian crises in four corners of the world, I Live Here, was released yesterday. Take a look here.
If you will be in New York before October 27 you can visit the recently designed Showtime House and see how designer Vicente Wolf was inspired to design The L Word room. If you can't make it to the Big Apple, you can check out the virtual world of Metropolitan Home's creation.

Posted by Slicey |  

Oct 6 2008

+ Showtime has set a date for The L Word Season 6 Premiere and this time they've made it a lead-in for two other promising shows. The L Word will kickoff its final season on January 18, 2009 at 9pm ET before the series premiere of The United States of Tara (starring Toni Collette with the pilot written by Juno's Diablo Cody) and the return of the sexy Brit import The Secret Diary of a Call Girl (starring Billie Piper).
+ Added some CD and movie recs including a free song offer from Lucinda Williams.

Posted by Slicey |  


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