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:: W I R E L E S S  C H A T ::
with Sarah Shahi

Hey every1 thanks for coming online tonight. Let’s answer some questions!

Q: How did you prepare to play the role of Carmen?

A: I watched the 1st season of the show thoroughly, n then based on our talks of the character with Ilene, and then I have friends… that are gay and experiencing the culture, in clubs and whatnot through LA

Q: What is a typical day on the set of the Lword like for you?

A: It’s terribly ritual. Or wonderfully! It gets started in hair and make up, I get dressed put the tattoos on, and go to work! And then of course going to the craft service table after every scene. And then popping breath mints to make sure I’m ok for Shane.

Q: What is like working with all the girls in the cast?

A: They’re horrible, they hit on me all the time! … Seriously, it is one of thee best sets to be on. All the girls are wonderful.

Q: Where are you originally from…And what is your background?

A: I’m from Texas, born and raised. I’m ½ Spanish and ½ Persian… Thank you guys so much for the wireless chat. I just want to convey to everyone that I have so much fun doing the show and I appreciate… everyone’s support

Q: How nervous were you prepping for your girl kiss?

A: I wasn’t nervous. A pair of lips are a pair of lips no matter who its on. And, be it male or female, it’s always awkward kissing someone in front of 15 other people.

Q: can you give us some insight on what is coming up for Carmen?

A: If there is a season 3, I’d like it to dive into Carmen’s Latina culture and how that affects her relationships.

Q: How do you feel about doing lesbians sex scenes considering you are straight?

A: I love it. With the right person, it’s just as exciting.

Q: How aware were you of the L word before you auditioned for the role?

A: I was very aware of the impact it had in LA. The billboards were all over and I kept thinking “why wasn’t I on that?” But, I didn’t know what a phenomenon it was to the rest of the world until I became a part of it.

Q: What do you do for fun in your spare time?

A: I love to eat. I eat in my spare time! I like to sing and I like to shop.

Q: Have you been ridiculed for being on the lword?

A: Absolutely not. In fact, it’s just the opposite.

Q: What’s the biggest lesson you have learned from being on the show?

A: I’m really getting tired of getting asked what the difference is between a gay relationship and a straight one. The thing I’ve learned is that be it gay or straight, they have the same kinds of problems, they go through adultery, trying to get pregnant, adopting and they have sex in whichever way feels comfortable and sexual to them. They are just like everybody else so what’s the big deal?

Q: Any closing comments before you go Sara?

A: Thank you so much, to all the people who signed on tonight. I hope you continue to watch the season and enjoy it.


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