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:: B A N D S / G R O U P S  F E A T U R E D  I N  L ::

Here we guide you to the places where you can find out more about those bands and groups that were featured on the show.

Season 6

Reni Lane
Reni Lane MySpace

Maybe NYLON Magazine said it best when they wrote, "Some people seem to exist just to make the rest of us look like slackers. Reni Lane is one of them." Reni, who has been learning music in various forms since the age of seven, and currently attends Columbia University, was originally discovered as a concert-goer by rock-and-roll photographer Mick Rock who admired her androgynous, David Bowie-like look. After returning from a 2007 tour of Holland, Reni was featured in MTV's First Ladies of Rock Campaign and later signed with Custard/Universal. With her recent success, we wonder if she'll give up her performing stage she built for herself in her dorm room and hit the road for a U.S. tour.

The Shanghai Restoration Project
Shanghai Restoration Project MySpace
Miss Shanghai Video

iTunes | Amazon US | CA | UK

You may recognize the sounds of The Shanghai Restoration Project from watching American or UK broadcasts of the Beijing Olympics, from commercial ad campaigns, or from a feature on NPR. The Shanghai Restoration Project is the creative genius of Kansas-born, Harvard-educated Producer Dave Liang who mixes tracks with vocals by various performers. (The vocals on "Miss Shanghai" were performed by Dutch singer DEZ.) An experiment in cross-cultural soundscapes, The Shanghai Restoration Project draws its creative inspiration from the old 1930s Shanghai jazz bands, an early combination of East and West that's become an international legend. The Project revives this exotic blend by introducing Eastern instruments to the modern Western sounds of hip-hop, jazz, and electronica. This will not be the last you'll hear of this unique style of music, Shanghai Restoration Project will have the track "Jade Buddha Temple" featured in episode 6 of The L Word. Check our SRP's cool new venture for Chinese New Year - Zodiac. (Free Download of vOX from Zodiac)

Season 5

Fans of Jimmy Century
FoJC MySpace
Download Delicate Fever for free
[Right Click and Save Target to your computer]

Fans of Jimmy Century bandmates Alicia Peron & Victor James helped steam up The L Word this season when their track "Hot Sahara" was used as the sexy soundtrack to Shane's little dance of love in the VIP room with Dawn and Cindi at SheBar. In fact, the scene was so sexy that the FoJC MySpace page was temporarily shutdown due to concerns about the racy content of the now classic "Hot Sahara" scene. Alicia and Victor's music is a logical fit for The L Word since their style is often likened to another memorable L Word artist - Goldfrapp. FoJC are on fire this year as their music has been featured in several TV series, has been heating up the dance charts, and has also won awards.  You can be sure to look forward to big things from this duo next year. In the meantime, check out their store for more hot downloads and if you're near L.A. you can catch them this weekend at Derby.

Season 4

Goldfrapp Official Website
Goldfrapp MySpace
Buy Goldfrapp CDs  US  CA

Goldfrapp is hardly a new band on the scene, with nearly a decade of major international success. Yet, even with accolades like number one hits and platinum albums, Goldfrapp remarkably remains somewhat unknown in the United States.  For those not in the know, Goldfrapp - a UK electronica/dance group - is the dazzling result of the pairing of singer/songwriter Alison Goldfrapp and composer Will Gregory.

Goldfrapp has released 4 major albums since 1999 and received 2 Grammy nominations last year. The duo has been fairly popular in the UK and Europe since its early singles, but its appeal grew markedly with U.S. fans after multiple #1 hits on the dance charts due largely to a strong commercial presence and successful live shows Stateside.  Fans of The L Word may recognize Goldfrapp's sound from the movie D.E.B.S ("Strict Machine") and from the episode "Lassoed" ("Ooh La La").  It should also be noted that Goldfrapp wrote and performed the score music for last year's popular lesbian film, My Summer of Love.

Goldfrapp can be seen performing their 2005 single "Ride a White Horse" on this week's episode of The L Word. The song can also be found on the fourth season soundtrack for the series, L Tunes: Music From and Inspired By The L Word.

Goldfrapp performing on Season 4, Episode 11 of The L Word. Episode "Literary License to Kill"

The Cliks

The Cliks MySpace

Toronto trio, The Cliks, formed by front-man Lucas Silveira is poised to shake up the rock world.
Silveira, the lead singer and songwriter of the band is fairly new to the gritty rock scene, having started out penning tunes with a folk background. His first two bandmates added their twist and The Cliks emerged on the college rock scene. Not long after, the two musicians bowed out leaving just Silveira from the original trio. As fate would have it, Jordan B. Wright and Morgan Doctor were looking for a new band and Silveira was looking for a new bassist and drummer.

Everything clicked when the new trio of veteran musicians began playing together. Harder lyrics, faster rhythms, and stronger on-stage energy emerged. The Cliks' album Snakehouse is full of razor-edged anthems of fighting back and getting strong. It's at times a personal account of Silveira's gender identity and personal transformation. The Cliks can now be found on Silver Label. You can listen to some of the songs and purchase the album on the band's website. The song "Complicated" can also be found on The L Word Season 4 Soundtrack "L Tunes: Music From and Inspired By The L Word" and can be heard in episode 3, season 4 of The L Word.

Season 3

Season 2



The Organ
Click here to see The Organ's upcoming tour dates!

The Wet Spots

Season 1

Damien Rice



Kinnie Starr





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