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:: O L D  C O M P E T I T I O N S ::


Win The L Word: The Complete Fifth Season on DVD.

"THE L WORD returns to DVD with THE COMPLETE FIFTH SEASON on October 28th in a collectible 4-disc set. DVD includes all 12 dramatic and deliciously provocative Fifth season episodes from Showtime's successful long-running series featuring all the beauty, chaos and complexities of a group of women who inhabit Los Angeles' lesbian community plus behind-the-scenes special features."

© 2008 Showtime Networks Inc. All Rights Reserved.

To win one of 10 DVD box sets send us an email telling us what your favorite quote is from any season of The L Word.

Be sure to include your name & mailing address to be entered.

Winners will be drawn at random from all eligible entries received.

Only one entry per person please.

Giveaway ends 2 November, 2008.
(Open only to *US and Canadian residents*)


Win 2 tickets to see Uh Uh Her Live in Boston*

Where: Boston Show (Paradise)
When: May 17th, 2008

What you have to do: Tell us if you could go to an Uh Huh Her show and you made a banner, what would your banner say?
Email us your entry along with your name and address;

Competition closes 12 May, 2008.

* Prize only includes 2 tickets to the show


Win yourself a Movie Extra / The L Word promo pack

To celebrate the premiere of Season 3 on Movie Extra (in Australia) our friends over at Movie Extra have given us some L Word promo packs to giveaway for the next 3 weeks. So we'll be giving 3 away every week for the next 3 weeks. All you have to do is email us your name & address to enter.

Packs include; THE L WORD T-shirt, L WORD mug, pink lips chocolates, L WORD lip balm, as well as a few Move Extra bits and
pieces (ie: pen, key ring etc) in a MOVIE EXTRA drawstring bag.

And sorry folks this is only for the Aussies.

Email us at:

Winners will be picked every Monday.


Uh Huh Her SXSW Myspace competition

Calling all Uh Huh Her Fans! As the girls get set to debut new material from Common Reaction at Austin's South By Southwest, we are asking the fans to bring this experience to life.

Dates: Present – March 21st. Winner announced March 28th.

Objective: The objective of this contest is to create a documentary style video of the Uh Huh Her experience at SXSW. From the drive to SXSW, to the anticipation leading up to the sets, to the performances, to the after show experiences, we are looking for a video that captures it all. We want to laugh. We want to cry. And we want the world to take a fun journey with you through SXSW.


SXSW Attendees: Create a video documenting your trip to see Uh Huh Her at SXSW. There are no boundaries and you can be as creative as you'd like. We just ask that you include some clips of the UHH performance in your video.

UHH SXSW Details:

3/13 @ 10:00 pm
Venue: Hilton Garden Inn

3/14 @ 9:15pm
Venue: The Marq (DJ Set)

3/15 @ 6:00 PM
Venue: San Jose Hotel

UHH Fans: So what about little Jimmy who's stuck in the cold winter of Vermont while his favorite band, Uh Huh Her, rocks out SXSW? Or take Jane. She loves Uh Huh Her but has to work a double shift at her hometown diner. Wouldn't it be great if little Jimmy and Jane could experience the awesomeness of Uh Huh Her at SXSW without leaving home?

For those of you like Jane and Jim who won't be attending SXSW, we still want you to take part in the contest. Frequent the UHH SXSW Video Contest Group and check out the videos. Rate your favorites, comment, and share the videos. The best rated/most watched video will be taken into consideration when picking a winner.

Submission: Since UHH's last show at SXSW is Saturday, March 15th, we will give you until Friday, March 21st to edit and upload your video on YouTube and post it in the UHH SXSW Video Contest Group.

Prize: The winning video, handpicked by Leisha and Camila, will be featured on the UHH Myspace page. The winning video director will get a response video personally to them from Leisha and Camila as well as a loaded Uh Huh Her prize pack!

Good luck and thanks for the support. Please check back with updates regarding the contest. Any questions regarding the contest can be directed to


Win yourself a copy of The Big Gay Sketch Show Season 1 DVD!

Thanks to our friend over at LOGO we have 1 DVD to giveaway.
For your chance to win, simply email us the answer to the following question:

The Big Gay Sketch Show Season Two launches February 5th, 10PM ET/PT on LOGO.
Who is the show’s executive producer?

A. Donald Trump
B. Margaret Cho
C. Rosie O’Donnell

Email your answer to;, along with your name & address, before the 10th Feb for your chance to win.

If you can't wait that long you can also purchase the DVD on Amazon or download it from there as well.



Win yourself a Season 4 DVD
(Open only to *US residents*)

Thanks to the awesome people over at Showtime, we have 10 copies of Season 4 to giveaway.
Just email us your name & address to be entered.

Only one entry per person please.

Giveaway ends 2 November, 2007.


Win yourself a here! Networks "Lesbian Sex & Sexuality" DVD

Refreshingly uncensored and uninhibited, Lesbian Sex & Sexuality is the one show no woman should miss. This ground-breaking six-episode series covers areas of lesbian sex that have never been explored….until now. Directed by award-winning filmmaker Katherine Linton (“AIDS: A Pop Culture History”), the here! Original Docu-Series takes viewers on a provocative journey that reveals everything from the porn industry to exotic dancing and erotica.

In a nation where homosexuality is still considered a controversial topic, lesbian sex, lust and sexual representation are even more marginalized. By visiting writers, academics and "sexperts," and going inside sex shops, erotic dance clubs and lesbian-owned pornography companies, this series goes beyond mass appeal to find out what really turns on lesbians, and perhaps any woman who has ever had a girl-on-girl fantasy.

Interested? Check out the trailer now.

Thanks to the wonderful people over at here!, we have 4 copies of this series on DVD to giveaway. The only requirement is that you must reside in the US.

To enter simply email your name and address to:

Competition closes 15 September, 2007.


This competition is now closed and 10 lucky people are being sent their prize. Here's our favourite entry sent to us;

I didn't know I might like the Cliks until about ten minutes ago, but as far as I can tell:

a) Perhaps if I won this plastic platter I would be able to tell you more about why I like them.
b) I am Korean too like Margaret Cho and she likes them, therefore I must like them?
c) They do not want to be dicks.
d) They know how to not only play their instruments, but they can tune them on their own (a major public relations issue among female musicians).
e) They're from Canadia.
f) I think I understand the correlation between "Snakehouse" and "Doghouse" -- this is my current living situation having been ousted from the local gaycapade (if not perhaps the entire west coast) in a case of mistaken identity: a cult of lesbians have put the Jenny Schecter pariah probate on my hide, but I too gots the powers of a Phoenix and can get back up again.
g) Music saves lives, and therefore just by way of trying to make music they are superhero heroines.
h) It's not easy being androgynous, I was born into that bloodline, and I suffer great judgments from the hearts of my fellow lesbianicians.
i) They are not casting the evil eye, nor are they responsible for someone who would attempt vainly and with utter futility to do so to them, that is the charm of being a charmer.
j) I like ties.
k) I could use some new music for a heart that has lied out of fear and lack of self love. Unfortunately the judges decided to come a judging and in the process rather than after the trial I have been doused with not only a bastion of lies, but hidden hems in all garments and related black magic ugliness and depravity, like honey mixed with oil, and I better not talk about it because... I may have imagined it all?
l) I already feel lucky, but it sure would be nice to receive an affirmation from the world at large.
m) I am going to buy some of their music tomorrow, but wouldn't it be nice to be rewarded for being both a patron and participant of the arts?

Uh oh, that may be one letter too many...
Thanx and good luck deciding who WINS, normally I don't like competitions, so I will consider this a mere contest, and if I am granted the status of winner, I will consider it that I was very lucky.

I have a real name, but the internet is the internet.


Win a rare The Cliks 7" vinyl Single
(Oh Yeah / Eyes In The Back of My Head)

Thanks to Tommy Boy Records, we have 10 of these awesome The Cliks 7" vinyl singles to giveaway.

To win one simple email us at and tell us why you love The Cliks so much.

Competition ends 24 August, 2007.


Enter our Autographed CD Giveaway!

20 lucky winners will receive either an autographed Cliks CD, an autographed Adrienne Pierce CD, or an autographed Bitch CD.

Comp closes April 8, 2007

Congratulations to our April CD Giveaway Winners!

Gretchen R. - Scotia, NY
Isabel L. - San Sebastian, Spain
Jeanne K. - Limburg, Netherlands
Amandine D. - Nord, France
Danielle B. - Monroe, MI
Jennifer H. - College Station, TX
Marta H. - Takoma Park, MD
Jessica R. - Victoria, Australia
Emanuela B. - Torino, Italy
Brittany K. - Hastings on Hudson, NY
Jacqueline L. - Lille, France
Veronica J. - Pasadena, TX
Jenni K. - Tampere, Finland
Iona P. - Lancaster, PA
Evelyn H. - Hercules, CA
Angie T. - Colchester, VT
Angelica C. - College Station, TX
Rosie M. - London, England
Katina M. - Grand Forks, ND

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