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:: S E A S O N  F O U R ::


Updated 9 October, 2006

Apparently this was posted a while back on a message board by EZ;

Tina will be with the rest of the girls in the first episode. She also still has her boyfriend... look for this awesome band to perform at the end of that episode.
Marlee Matlin's character name is Jodie Jacobs.
Laurel Holloman will be around all season.
Sarah Shahi will be around for a three episode arc.
We have cast a new girlfriend for Max called Brooke.
Tasha has been cast.
Me and Ilene just did the DVD commentary for the season 3 DVDs.
Kate and Leisha are also doing the DVD commentary. Showtime is still trying to contact Erin so she can do another one.

Updated 17 September, 2006

In this Cybill Shepherd video from Entertainment Tonight we can see Cybill's character kissing Alice in her apartment and then later on pulling Alice out of the kitchen leaving us to assume that something goes on between the two.

Updated 6 August, 2006

We've just received some photos from Vancouver of scenes from S4 being filmed. These are just my speculations based on the photos we received.
(These photos copyright Donald Law)

Looking at the above (HOT) picture of Shane we can assume that Shane gets a modelling gig with HUGO BOSS and launches an ad campaign with the slogan "You're looking very Shane today".

From the picture above we can tell that its a red carpet event of some kind in conjunction with HUGO BOSS and the Shane campaign.

In this picture we see Shane arriving via Limo.

Seems Helena & Alice are there too.

In this final picture we finally see what the red carpet event is all about. Its a film premiere (possibly a new film made by Helena's production company?) called "Roll of the Dice".

L Word Extra for a Day

This was sent in to us by Britt who was an extra on the show.

On July 5th and 6th, the L Word was filming at the PNE/Playland basketball courts and skateboard park (Hastings St), in Vancouver.

The scene they filmed at the basketball courts was quite lengthy. In as best as I can remember, the scene went as follows...

Some girls (and "Papi") are hanging out at the basketball court getting warmed up. Then "Papi" looks up and sees the main L Word girls coming. Jenny, Shane, Alice, Bette, Kit and Helena are seen walking towards the basketball courts wearing ridiculously dorky basketball outfits. They all have jerseys on with their last names on the back. Behind them, Moira/Max and Shane's little brother Shay walk towards the skateboard park.

The L Word girls face off with "Papi's" crew. Before they begin the game, Tina jogs up to them, and Helena gives her a kiss on the cheek. Bette seems very sarcastic and tense toward Tina, and the tension is finally averted by "Papi" who yells something to the effect of "You can play on our team because we don't care who you fuck!" They begin to play basketball, with Shane and "Papi" facing off for the jump-off at the start of the game.

Some scenes during the game:

Bette fouls Tina repeatedly, making Tina angry, and then Bette steals the ball and runs down the court and proceeds to make a lay-up and score for the L-Word girls team.

Alice is checked, and can't pass the ball to anyone except Jenny, who happens to be drinking coffee. When Alice passes Jenny the ball, Jenny spills her coffee and the other team (Papi's crew) grabs the ball and proceeds to score.

Helena is fouled by one of "Papi's" crew and gets two foul shots. She misses her first shot, and for the second shot Alice tells her to shoot backwards. Helena shoots backwards and scores.

The L Word girls team is repeatedly scored upon by "Papi's" crew. The L Word girls are not very good at basketball (they suck) and miss scoring repeatedly.

Near the end of the game, the girls are all down at the end of the basketball court near the skateboard park. Moira/Max suddenly runs up to the fence, yelling for Shane. It turns out Shay has fallen off his skateboard. Shane takes off to help her brother, telling the others "I've got it, I've got it." so they don't all follow. Moira/Max fills the girls in as Shane leaves.

Apparently, Shay's fall will leave him with a broken arm. The basketball game is over.

Papi info:

"Papi" is first brought to the attention of the L Word girls through Alice's chart website. As said before in previous seasons, when some has slept with many, many girls (like Shane) they create their own constellations/galaxies on the online Chart. This "Papi" on Alice's chart has somehow managed to sleep with more people than Shane has. Thus, the girls decide to go and search for this mysterious "Papi" girl whom no one rally knows about. Confusion is said to arise about who "Papi" really is, since the name "Papi" means "Daddy"/"Father" in Spanish or something. I guess the basketball game is one of the ways that Shane and this "Papi" compete with each other. Subsequent competitions may arise in other season 4 episodes.

In total, the whole basketball scene is said to be approx. 10 minutes in one of the episodes. Rumors on the set that said indicated that the basketball scene may appear in episode 2 or 4 of the fourth season.

Updated 30 July, 2006

Out actress Kristanna Loken (Terminator 3) will appear in 10 episodes of S4. Loken will play a single mom who meets Shane at a PTA meeting.


Updated 7 June, 2006

* JANINA GAVANKAR joins THE L WORD as Papi, a smokin hot Latino who challenges Shane. Unlike Shane, Papi is competitive, gregarious, loud, bossy and boastful. She canoodles with everyone and competes with Shane. Hmm does she remind anyone else of a particular other 'hot' Latino?


Updated 6 June, 2006

* We learn through the casting of Cybill Shepherd (who plays a married mother who suddenly begins to question her sexuality) that Bette will be returning to Graduate School, most likely to teach.

Updated 7 May, 2006

* Yes that's right folks. Seems KARINA LOMBARD is rumoured to be coming back in Season 4 for 2 episodes. Apparently the extent of her role will be to swoop in and steal Jenny's girlfriend. Now, that's not very nice now is it?

* Also, with Carmen now well and truly gone, seems Shane will take on another Latin lover. No word yet as to who will be playing her.

* Seems there will also be another new character joining the show this season, besides the wonderful Marlee Matlin (a fiery artist who catches the attention of Bette Porter). The character of PAPI is like a Latin version of the original Shane, ie sleeps with lots of girls and is apparently a legend on Alice's internet chart. *Editor's note - could this Latin PAPI be the one who gets involved with Shane?*


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