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Updated November 26, 2008

Re-posted from our main page comments;

+ (by Tara) is Jenny who drowns in Bette's pool. No info on who they blame but logic if there is any points to Shane. This supposedly came from someone who watched the opening ep. BUT...Also saw some pics from Ep6-01 and shows Shane hysterically crying and Kit comforting her another shows Jenny kissing Shane. Apparently Jenny dies in first 5 mins and its all flashback from there. Also heard the 1st show is a continuation from last years final right after she confronts Shane.


Updated November 20, 2008


+ In the new teaser promo for Season 6, there seem to be flashes of prison bars throughout the clip. Also 2 mysterious stills flash on screen in the middle of it. One appears to be a dead body covered with a silk sheet and the other appears to be height measurements that you may find in a prison. Check out the video for yourself in our Videos section.

+ Some spoilers that have trickled out of the L Word Convention have been;
* Shane moves out into her own place
* There will be lots of anger and passion between Helena and Dylan
* Someone is going to die but it won't be Tasha, Bette, Tina, Helena or Phyllis

+ So this may or may not be the episode rundown for Season 6. It all sounds about right, but we have no way of confirming any of it just yet;

Episode 1 - Liaisons

The season premiere opens up with Alice having doubts, whether or not she is in love with Tasha. After having her heart broken by a beloved friend, Jenny is left wondering whether she made the right choices. Kit changes her abrupt ways. An out cast Shane is left without support. Nikki trys to apologize to Jenny. Bette and Tina get shocking news from Angelica's paediatrician, and Helena enters in a new relationship with Dawnís lover Cindy.

Episode 2 - Least Likely

Jenny finally confronts the karma that betrayed her. A contractor and an old friend enter Bette and Tina's life. Shane seeks help and Helena is shocked by an old flame that brings her surprising news. Adele and her new girlfriend are confronted and threatened.
Episode 3 - LMFAO

No info for this one yet.

Episode 4 - Lying and Cheating

Bette's new dirty little secret is discovered by Jodi. Jodi keeps her lips sealed, but then blurts it out in an argument. Bette and Tina's new contractor brings old feelings to the surface. Molly tries to seduce Shane but is stopped by news about her mother.

Episode 5 - Lend her legislatures

A jealous Cindy seeks lawyers; Tomís addiction threatens his relationship with Max. Nikki trys to seek a new lover. Phyllis is faced with financial issues. Molly confronts her mother and leaves her heart broken. Lies are told during a seminar that Tina takes to heart and does something she will regret.

Episode 6 - Love Lagoon

Shane is confronted by an old flame. Jennyís true love enters her life.

Episode 7 - Letís give the girls a hand

A party is set and all the girls attend. Someone who is not invited attends and shakes things up with Jenny. Bette proposes to Tina after the party. Tina says yes, but feels guilty of what she did. Her friends are delighted to hear the news.

Episode 8 - Listen, Wedding bells are ringing

One L of A Finale


Updated November 10, 2008

+ Max will take center stage in Season 6 as The L Word explores his transgender storyline.

+  Another development this season will be an adoption storyline as one of the couples finds out how difficult it can be to become adoptive parents. (Perhaps this means Bette won't be having a baby after all??)
*From an interview with Rose Troche.


Updated August 29, 2008

+ An extra spotted Kate French (Niki Stevens) back on set for Season 6 while filming a club scene also starring Shane and Alice. In the scene Niki is recognized by the other club patrons.


Updated 22 July, 2008

+ Long-time friend of Jennifer Beals, Elizabeth Berkley - best known for her roles in Showgirls and Saved By the Bell - will star opposite her pal on The L Word. According to Michael Ausiello who was given an exclusive on this casting info, Berkley will "play the straight girl that got away from [Bette] in college." Berkley has a multi-episode story arc and we strongly suspect she enters the L world in episode 2 as gallery owner Kelly Wentworth.

+ Prison Break star Rockmond Dunbar has landed a recurring role on The L Word as a drag queen who will be crushing on Kit.

+ Rumor has it that Gaby (aka: everybody's favorite ex-girlfriend you love to hate) will be back in Season 6. *Thanks WeHo Butch!

The following are purely speculation;

+ Tina has possibly moved back in with Bette.

+ Bette and Tina decide to have another baby, but this time Bette will carry it.

+ A new character (Weezy?) comes in as some type of contractor, possibly renovating or building something at Bette and Tina's house. Perhaps a room for the new baby?

+ Shane and Jenny are on the outs. Shane is trying her hardest to get back into Jenny's good books and might temporarily move in with Bette and Tina.

+ Tina gets an assistant.

+ Erin Daniels might be directing an episode this season.

+ There might be relationship trouble in store for Bette and Tina. Most likely coming from an outside temptation - either in the form of "the girl that got away" (Bette temptation) or the new contractor (Tina temptation).

+ A set near Coal Harbour in Vancouver - a gallery, which had been renamed the Kelly Wentworth gallery.  They were filming a scene with Jennifer Beals and Marlee Matlin.  It looked like Bette and Jodi were having an argument inside the gallery.  There was also a separate scene with Laurel Holloman and some extras (gallery patrons). *Thanks Roadcarver!!


+ Actors confirmed as returning for Season 6 include: Marlee Matlin (Jodi), Clementine Ford (Molly), Cybill Shepherd (Phyllis), Rose Rollins (Tasha), Janina Gavankar (Papi), Alexandra Hedison (Dylan), Kate French (Niki Stevens).

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